Poker gaming basic Strategy to be looked into!

We may hope that none of you are an amateur to the word Poker. Some of them would have played it, still playing it or few of them would have played long back. And few who have just heard about it. Well, in some way or the other, you know the word Poker and it’s a game. We have also been bombarded with some notifications from Facebook ‘your friend has invited you to play poker’! So, that’s online Poker. People play at the ways, convenient to them.

So, what’s this poker? Let’s see

Poker is a card game of gambling.

Betting is an integral part of the poker game.

It has various types of card games.

It is mostly another form of gambling, but considered as a game of skills by few.

This game dates back to 1829, when it was played with a deck of 20 cards and four players betting on the value of hands of the players.

Only in the later years, the 52 card French deck was started and flush was introduced.

What happened next?

Then there were further additions like, Stud-poker, Straight, Wild Card, Lowball, spilt-pot poker, community card poker etc. made to the game. These games soon became very popular in the casinos and people started flowing in to the casinos in large numbers. It became the favourite past-time of the crowd. The two oldest poker games are: Straight: this is the first game in the poker series. Here a complete hand is dealt to each player, where the players bet in a single round. Raising and re-raising is allowed in this game. Stud-poker: this game stands second oldest in the poker. Here the cards are in a prearranged combination, face up and face down.

The strategy to master!

Do you know how the game is played? Do you know its strategy? If you know really well, if you don’t know, that’s even better. We shall tell you about the strategy of the game. Read some basic tips, which are really important to play.

If it is your first time, to find the poker room, or to add your name to the games list, you must talk to the staff member or the dealer.

But, to be very true, all these members would be very courteous and friendly; they wouldn’t want to lose a customer. So, feel free to contact any of the staff for any assistance. Okay, let’s see the basics of the game.

Decide first

If you are going for a casino, the first time, or have been before, one thing is permanent, your purpose of visit. If you wish to get some entertainment, very good; you will get enough of it. If you have the intention of making money, then you are sure to encounter lots of hurdles. So, decide first why you are going to play a game in a casino, especially one like Poker. So, once you have finished this task, you need to decide upon which variant of poker you are going to play. This will help you to concentrate on the game better.

Poker maths

It may seem a little difficult to digest. But, unfortunately this game involves some maths, and it is just as difficult as your college maths. It may sound ridiculous, Maths in a game! But that’s true. Winning a poker at the basic level starts by selecting the best hands to play, and if you enter the game with best hand as against to your oppositions, you definitely have more chance to win.

Never be result oriented

once you have set your mind of playing the game and a purpose for it, never depend on the results. Give your best shot, as experience builds up your ability increases. But, when you are result oriented, your quality of play changes.

Hands and more

we agree that in poker, the best hand wins and you must carefully choose your hand. At the same time, there is much more important thing to do once you have selected your hand. Concentrate more on calculating the odds, your position at the table and changing your position can change your winning possibility. Practise on betting patterns, bluffing, improve your skills each day. As they say, ‘practise makes a man perfect’, the person who practises regularly is sure to acquire skills and hit the jackpot one day. We can be sure that this was a useful info!


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